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Meet our Founder, Anuja Rajendra


Professionally I am:

 Exceptionally good at achieving results, inspiring and motivating people, creating community and dissolving knots- especially when I believe in the need/work. 

Driven for success with integrity. (I’ve been told I have extremely high expectations in work and relationships. You should too. If you don't strive for the best and surround yourself with 100% honest, like minded people with sound intentions, you are not realizing your own human revolution.


 A trusted advisor to many organizations and individuals.

A compassionate collaborator.

Most appreciative of the letters, messages, and hugs from people who tell me I've impacted their lives positively.



Professionally I have:

 Created BollyFit®. A program for businesses and individuals who are unhappy with their current levels of health, wellness, connection, or happiness and want an effective, authentic, culturally competent yet modern solution so they can clear blockages and triumph in life. 


 Electrified audiences from complacent listening into fully present, engaged living from TEDx to corporate keynotes to commencement addresses, including one for my alma mater, the University of Michigan. 


Been tapped by U.S. Olympic gold-medalists, Meryl Davis and Charlie White and their coaches to choreograph the first ever "Indian dance on ice" which won accolades by international audiences and judges alike, and resulted in the team winning gold at every competition and silver at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. 


 Empowered thousands of people with my concepts of "Breaking their Matkas" and entering the "Ego Free Zone" (EFZ), where differences in culture, economics, and opportunity are swept away and communication and victory emerges from individuals and teams. 

 Conceptualized and created Guide for Guides (G4G) International Instructor and Dance Coaches Training and Certification Program, the Number 1 specialized program to enable instructors worldwide to integrate our holistic wellness methods and expand their offerings.


 Been inducted into the Michigan Indian Women's Hall of Fame by Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Congresswoman Barbara Lawrence, and miindia.com.

 Been appointed to serve on back-to-back terms on the Michigan Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health, and Sports, where I passionately advocate for healthy and happy living, uplifting citizens while bringing down obesity rates. 


Personally I am:

 An example of someone who gained 65 pounds in my first pregnancy and 45 in my second. I was unhealthy for the first time in my life and sought wellness without the lonely tedium of a treadmill and the angst of typical group fitness classes. Nothing fit this tall order, so I created it. BollyFit® was born and thousands continue to respond.  


 A believer in pure love, loyalty and idealism.  


 A proud Michigander, American, and global citizen.


 A vegetarian-cooking aficionado. Give me a day to spend at the mall or in my kitchen, and (call me interesting), I'll likely be chopping all day.


 A wife to an incredible husband, who literally rode in on a white horse on our wedding day. Not to rescue me, but to travel through life creating happiness within and without ourselves.


 A mother to two energetic boys, who love to make me laugh (especially if they sense me becoming cross), and two adorable girls, who I had no idea would complete our family - until they did.


A dog and cat person - both. I may have more photos of my pets than my kids.


An ardent Amitabh Bachchan fan. (My favorite movies include the original Suhaag and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham…and nothing brings me more joy than when my kids ask if we can watch them together.)


“You create meaning when your strengths and interests meet the needs of the world. 

Knowing your talents and passions is critical, but that is only half of this supply-and-demand equation. 

What may be even more important is understanding what the world needs from you 

and how you can productively apply your strengths and interests. 

One of the rightful critiques of all the ‘follow your passion’ advice is that it presumes that

you are the center of the world, and pursuing your own joy is the objective of life.  

Those who make a profound difference, in contrast, begin by asking what they can give. 

Starting with this question allows you to direct your talents toward what matters most for others."

— Tom Rath