Who’s got the Twinkle?? Twinkle in the eye, that is…Susan Boyle has it.  And so do BollyFit Dancers.  Thanks to each of you in the classes for expanding beyond what we thought was the limit of our forms.  If you’ve been in class over the last week, you know what I’m talking about!  From the bottom – and top – of my heart – thank you for dancing with the flow – and love you!


xoxo Anuja


So joyous to announce BollyFit Kids…for your kids….and mine!


“Hi Friends!  Gather your children….by popular request from many mothers, and with care and joy, BollyFit Kids is here!  BollyFit Kids is a unique opportunity for kids.  It’s not the kind of dance class where they can get anything wrong.  It’s high energy.  It’s learning new things, in new ways, with new friends.  Children learn:  A complete dance number synthesizing classical, folk and modern steps.  Cultural connections around the globe through visual reinforments and props.  To love and be at ease with dance and music from childhood.”


And I’m so proud to introduce BollyFit Kids Director, Holly Poppink.  In addition to being an accomplished dancer, athlete and teacher, Holly continues to be a consistent, dedicated, and beautiful BollyFit student and performer.  But Holly is so much more than these roles.  She’s the type of teacher and role model we all want for our children.  Patient, Kind, Gentle.  Her smile evokes smiles and her joy creates joy around her.  When she teaches children the love of dance…she walks the walk, literally!  Holly has imprompu dance parties with her two young daughters – almost daily!  And Holly is so comfortable with herself that she started taking piano lessons as an adult – just for the joy of it.  For Fitness that’s Fun, I can’t think of a better BollyFit Kids Director!  Together, we developed a wonderful program that we are proud to enroll our own children in.


Message from BollyFit Kids Director, Holly Poppink

“As a mother of two girls, I know there is not a lot offered for this age group.  But when I discovered BollyFit, I knew I had danced into something special.  As a trained dancer, accredited teacher, certified fitness instructor and hand-on mother, I am thrilled to share the joy of dancing with your children….and mine!”


REGISTER NOW for BollyFit Kids Summer classes. You can conveniently register online with PayPal. Or by check


BollyFit Featured on ABC TV!


“Let me hear you say…” for BollyLadies Amy, Grace, Hardeesh, Holly, Sukanya and Wendy! These cool cats and I woke up at 3AM, hit Starbucks at 4:05 AM and were dancing live on location (Grand Blanc) for the ABC-12 Early Morning Show from 5:43 AM – 7:00 AM! And back home in time to feed kids breakfast and take them to school. WOW! What a fun morning with phenomenal women! Thank you all! Check out the clip and ABC News article here. And a shout out to Elizabeth for the snazzy costumes – sending you virtual herbal tea.


xoxo Anuja


Check out their performance in: Getting Fit With BollyFit