2010 Cherish, Connect and Celebrate!


It is the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.  It is the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance.  It is the one who won’t be taken who cannot seem to give.  And the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live.  –Bette Midler


We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams. –Anonymous



Dear BollyFit Family,
Thank you for dancing in class, in life!  What an amazing year we have enjoyed together, much to cherish, connect and celebrate!

January brightened with fresh classes, fitness and fun!

In February, we literally danced rooftop to rooftop…synergizing amidst beautiful pink hues on stage and in hearts at Canton International Festival.  And just weeks later witnessed dances first created for us (Kajre Re and Dola Re Dola) magically shared with the world at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, resulting in powerful patriotic, hometown and BollyFit pride!

For me, March mellowed immensely.  The passing of both my dear grandmother, who raised me from five months to six years, before wet eyes and heavy hearts, in her birth home in India.  Two weeks later, the passing of our brave dog, whom we adopted from a last chance rescue only eight months earlier, in a hospital in East Lansing, my own home town.


April renewed with BollyFit Kids lighting up from within with a fantastic performance at Lakewood Elementary School, family fun at Ann Arbor District Library, and first ever BollyFit.RotaryInternational.DancePerformance.Turned.Karakoe.Party!


May was merry with BollyFitKids Dancing at Canton Public Library and expanding beyond confines kickoff of SummerSwizzle, official prep class for the largest presence ever of BollyFit at Ann Arbor Summer Festival!


June sizzled with graceful composure amidst high heat benath feet atop a sun-drenched stage & luminary leadership lighting the path from pain by BollyFit Guides and Canton Liberty Festival!  A fantastically successful BollyFit Couples Night Benefit Event to help raise money for Ann Arbor Active Against ALS.  And in a triple header, a first-of-its-kind dancer.audience medly donning beautiful, made with love and meaningfulness attire, at Ann Arbor Summer Festival ReTreat! To prepare, friends and soon-to-be-friends helped each other blend and brighten colors over breakfast as we created our cherished costumes together.  The ReTreat was a brand new event for the Festival and the community, inspired by BollyFit’s energizing presence at the 2009 AASF!  Followed immediately by a true celebration of cheer at BollyFitDancingDosasSummerSwizzleParty!!!  June’s nightcap was a humbling opportunity for me to share our joy with the community at a local special event in a room that had been blessed by a renowed world figure.


July was lean with library events…from Ann Arbor to Brighton, love em all!


August was awesome with the diya (light) glowing in Canton on Wednesday evenings, libraries of course, and inspiring illumination at a local Independent Living Home!


Sassy September saw swizzling students dancing again after a long summer stall and, right after, swirl to an event at the Detroit Athletic Club.  And on September 29, a surprise presenation @ TEDx Detroit Conference!  I appreciated the opportunity to present and to share the experience with over twenty BollyFit students, who set aside work, school, life on a Wednesday afternoon to dance at the DIA…and inspired many of the full house audience members to forego laptops, free hands & dance on feet with us!

Girl Scouts, libraries and donating time and talent to help Michigan children suffering from obesity outlined October.

November simmered with gratitude for Being, in class and in world.

December brought first-time-on-stage dancers and feels-like-the-first-time-in-heart dancers together at friendly Forsythe.  And first-time shimmyers to Dakota!

Woven through the thread of this year’s dance, BollyFit Sparkles for Haiti raised over $2,000 to help an earthquake struck orphange in Haiti.  And many spiritied get-togethers, both official and “officially-fun!” linked connections at homes, restaurants and beyond!

Now and always, a heartful thank you to each dancer, hostess, host, and friend.

Thank you to each being who warmly invites BollyFit into personal and professional spaces.  Thank you to each who Guides, Gives and Receives.  Thank you to eyes that twinkle and squinkle, smiles that sparkle, and bodies that Just shake it! Thank you for dancing in class, in hearts, in life.

Wish you and yours a warm, meaningful holiday season!  Here’s to dancing together in 2011…let’s peer around the corner and see what magic the turn of the year brings