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Remaining Active Within and Without While Vacationing


My husband and I were blessed to enjoy a Caribbean vacation last week, an ongoing celebration of our tenth wedding anniversary. We figured we would be consuming more than we were hungry for at the all-inclusive resort and decided to be active and feel totally alive while on respite.  Heres what we did, how it was experienced, and ideas for your own travels this summer and beyond:



Conscious connections of clock time: Through 10+ years of vacationing together, we have come to realize that we enjoy holidays and days off thoroughly when, together, we outline what we want to enjoy and experience each day.  So, over welcome drinks from the resort, we mapped out our plan for the week on the day we arrived, building in reading, sight-seeing, and active segments.  My rating:  Thumbs UP!



Consider including in your vacation: Connect with family and friends you are traveling with before the trip and share what you are enthusiastic about enjoying, including things to do together and by yourself. Revisit this on the trip, to make sure all are on course and experiencing what they envision for the hiatus.



Conscious inclusion on your Staycation: Even on lazy weekends at home, outline days with what you want to do.  From this list, pick the three most important items – these could be from the home to-do list, canoeing down the Huron River, or cuddling on the sofa!  Selecting three top items increases likelihood of those happening, and even if the others are not done, you feel (rightly) great about making it happen!



Meditate: We started every day with this practice, and it was energizing within and without.  It was especially enjoyable because we were both on board and neither of us was embarrassed about wanting to do this. Look for more on meditation in additional posts.  My rating:  Creates CALMNESS!



Consider including in your vacation: Even if you are feeling totally zen, where you are relaxed and in the zone (e.g. romantic Caribbean holiday), you may enjoy enriching yourself.



Conscious inclusion on your Staycation: Yes, this should be practiced daily for 15+ minutes, but even better is meditating in each moment of life.  BollyFit classes, for example, consciously weave meditation in the high energy, real life experience.



Morning Walk in the shore dipped waters of the beach: We walked after meditating each day, right before breakfast while it was still cool outside and quiet on the beach.  My rating:  Entirely ENJOYABLE!



Consider including in your vacation: Even if you are not headed for ocean waters, the lake or local river radiate magic of their own if we stop to consider.  There is something about the warm waves drenching dry feet, ankles and calves that is so calming – especially in the morning, when the sands and sunlight stream softly.



Conscious inclusion on your Staycation: No waters where you are headed?  Enjoy a morning stroll in the neighborhood with a friend, before the sun is strong later in the day.  If clock time is available, yield at a cafe for chai or make a grocery store part of the path to pick up fresh fruit for home.



Mindful Menus:  I am vegetarian and aspire to eat vegan.  My husband, as he describes himself, is considering going vegetarian. This combination can make it tricky to find flavorful meals when traveling.  On this trip, we let the resort staff know our dietary preferences in advance, and they graciously set up an on-site meeting with the head chef, where he mapped out many mouth-watering menus for us for the week.  My rating:  Mmmmm!



Consider including in your vacation: Did you know that most people typically gain eight pounds while on vacation?  If you have special dietary needs, be comfortable with sharing your needs with restaurant staff.  My experience is that most establishments are happy to accommodate, especially when they have some advance notice.



Conscious inclusion on your Staycation: If you are dedicated to consuming food in a certain way, please know it is still possible to do so even when the family wants to eat out.  Try going online and checking out the menu before hand.  Decide what you want to order in advance, and call ahead to see if the chef is able to make small adjustments to suit your preference.  Then, fill up on fulfilling fruit on your way out the door.  This way, multiple menu items won’t dance before your eyes in the way they might if you arrived with a grumbling stomach craving instant satisfaction!



Savor the Scenic Route via Stairs: Our room was on the seventh floor (the highest) of the resort, and we giddily took the stairs to and from every time, soaking in the fresh air along the way. Sometimes it was a slow ascent carrying purchases from local vendors in our arms, or a slow descent with me in heels when we were on our way to dinner.  Either way, we enjoyed the ride – often beating the elevator anyways! My rating: If you are able to take the stairs, its a great feeling when you arrive sooner than the people you left waiting for the elevator.  Oomph burns calories – and builds muscles!



Consider including in your vacation: Taking the scenic route, literally.  Walk up and down stairs when in safe areas with a buddy.  Even airports, when they have a steep staircase next to the escalator, provide a perfect space to increase blood circulation that is often lacking on travel days crammed in cars and carriers.



Conscious inclusion on your Staycation: Enjoy the stairs at home and beyond – be your own escalator and move your body, while enjoying the internal energy that is released along the way. Muscles are made to move…so let them do their thing!  Walk up and down stairs when at work or in safe areas with a buddy.



Mid-day Workout: We mostly had the gym to ourselves and went on the elliptical for three of the full days we had.  My rating:  Quite honestly, the experience ENERGIZED me to resume BollyFit classes again back home! This was the second time I had been on a workout machine in six years.  Needless to say, I have not missed it as (thank goodness) I have been able to stay fit through much more enjoyable means! My rating: The sweat was not worth the anguish!



Consider including in your vacation: Activities that you are enthusiastic about.  Cannot stand the gym?  Pack along an energizing workout tape or go for a power walk to see the sights.  Better yet, find opportunities to dance!  (And by the way, the upcoming BollyFit DVDs are soon to be available for your vacation and Staycation enjoyment )



Conscious inclusion on your Staycation: Activities that you adore.  Why spend an hour in pain and misery to achieve your fitness goals when there are better options? Beyond your BollyFit classes, sweat it out at home or with the family to your favorite songs.  Be inspired from classes to create your own choreography!  Plus, BollyFit Belly and the newest BollyFit class, BollyFit Bhangra, are sure to spice up additional days of your week.



It was a fantastic vacation and we individually and collectively were able to enjoy everything we wanted to because we were conscious about it.  In this same spirit though, I feel that every day with family and friends is a Staycation!