Even one drop of giving fills that space in someone’ s bucket, and our own!

Giving back

On days like these, when the temperature is low outside, the heart warms the body it resides within each time it considers beings beyond our selves.  In this season where external glitter and gold abounds, giving of ourselves beyond ourselves can soften the stresses of our own life situations. Whether stresses around holiday travel, meager means for travel, lavish loved ones or loneliness weigh us down, each small step of sharing our spirit yields the tick-tock within from whimpering and whining about our own life situations.



Sometimes I think that I want to help, to do something for someone, but am not sure what to do. Everything that really could make an impact seems insurmountable. Then I recall the words often used in annual giving campaigns – it’s the participation that counts.



Yes, Thanksgiving, the official holiday when we celebrate thankfulness and give from the heart has passed already this calendar year, but I hope that twinkles of togetherness as a people, as living beings on earth, continue to connect us and we cherish community and act outwardly onward.



My first-grade son had a school writing assignment, “Write what you can do to help people, animals, things.” And my kindergartner is accustomed to the fantastic‘Have you filled a bucket today?‘ concept inspired by Michigan author Carol McCloud, where children learn early on that when we think, say and do nice things for each other, our own bucket is filled up, as is the other person’s. And when we do negative or mean-spirited things, everyone’s buckets are drained.



But what can we, as adults, do? What can we do to relieve ourselves from focusing on ourselves and our own life stories? Help someone else along the way, and in the spirit of karma, circle back and benefit ourselves too? Here are a few ideas to get started.



–Raising money for Food Gatherers: Just days before Thanksgiving, I found myself fixated on a personal life situation that was making me sad. I decided to take some of that mental time and energy that was fixated on my sadness and reallocate it toward a glimmer of good in the multiverse. I invited BollyFit students to contribute donations to Food Gatherers Food Rescue/Food Bank and offered to match the funds raised. In just about three days and the same number of classes, we had $225.25 in donations, and with the matching gift from BollyFit, had raised $444.50!



–Giving gift cards to homeless people on the street around holidays, or any time. I did this the day before Thanksgiving last year and have done it from time to time throughout the year. It is a wonderful way to spread generosity.



–Inviting people over for a meal, even if it seems to be their turn. Welcoming friends and family into your home ensures you retain your connections. If it is “their turn” to host but don’t seem to be offering up the invitation, there may be extenuating circumstances at play, and your invitation may offer up a welcome break.



–Creating space for stillness within nightly – when I put the kids to bed, we each say three things we are feeling thankful for at the moment, one thing we would change about the day, what we are praying for right now for ourselves, and what we are praying for for someone or something else.



None of these moments and events alone take care of hunger, homelessness, or make every dream come true. But they do change the moment in which the thoughts, actions and results occur, and this is something to give thanks for ☺



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