Interval Training is Effective and Enjoyable!

Many of you have loved participating in BollyFit classes for years and some, like me, are new to this exciting program. Some may enjoy BollyFit several times a week for consistent fitness, fun and illumination and some may attend a class at leisure. Whatever the shape, size, experience, fitness level, or desired outcome may be, we can all benefit from a little understanding of interval training and how to incorporate it into our classes.

A simple definition of interval training is shorter, high intensity exercise periods alternated with lower periods of intensity or rest. These varying periods of exercise are repeated throughout the workout. You get a higher caloric burn in a shorter time, and the recovery periods allow us to work at higher intensities instead of keeping energy in reserve. Studies show that not only will you burn more calories, but through interval training you’ll also build endurance and boost metabolism.

Whenever there is a rest moment for a water break or even a story or quote being shared quickly in your favorite BollyFit class, be aware and give your heart rate a rest to prepare. Notice in BollyFit when your Guide might be alternating a high intensity song with a lower intensity song and use it to your benefit, allow yourself to recoup. Psychologically knowing that there are periods of rest will often motivate individuals to raise the level of their cardiovascular workouts when they know a recovery period is coming up instead of simply trying to keep a steady pace throughout the entire session. Interval training can help keep any long-time or frequent participants from adapting to the routine and it certainly encourages newcomers to persevere and enjoy the varying levels of intensity and fun in BollyFit classes.


*Please remember this is not medical advice and all programs may not be applicable for everyone. It is always a good idea to see a physician before starting any fitness program. Please consult a physician if you have any medical questions.


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