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BollyFit® represents India at the Michigan International Festival

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“We were very happy to see BollyFit® being a part of the Michigan International Festival. It provided a good balance of color, vibrance, and cultural mix. Rotary has a big presence in India, and BollyFit® represented the culture with panache and grace.”



–VIneet Katial, Michigan International Festival Organizer                                                                                                  and Member of the Rotary Club of Ann Arbor West



We were so thrilled to be invited to respresent the Indian subcontinent at the Michigan International Festival put on by the Rotary.  With over 700 people in attendance BollyFitters energized the crowd with high energy dances to Dilliwalli Girlfriend and Lungi Dance!  Additionally, our choreography-focused BollyFit® Choreation class, performed a crowd-pleasing number to a mashup of rap artist Eminem and Bollywood songs.  Thank you to everyone who came out and danced with us and bid on our donation to help the cause of educating girls around the world!  Your smiles lit up the auditorium and encouraged all in the audience to get up and move.  BollyFit® is honored to have contributed to such an inspiring event that raised funds to help educate children all around the world.  We thoroughly enjoyed representing the Indian subcontinent at such a powerful event and loved viewing all of the performances from other cultures and countries as well!



We were overjoyed to receive the invitation to be involved in such an incredible event!

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Grand Guide4Guides Training Weekend!

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“Having a super amazing time with BollyFit, illuminate inside out ! Spread positivity in the universe”



–Tweet from Tanuja Parmar, Guide2B in the UK



Follow BollyFit® UK and Europe Guide Tanuja on twitter @Tanuja_Parmar and BollyFit® @bollyfitwinkles !  AND like her pages on fb for BollyFit® in the UK  and Europe!



BollyFit® held yet another hugely successful Guide for Guides (G4G) Training Retreat for an incredible, diverse group of energizing women! The Guides to Be (Guides2B) are equally excited about the holistic, authentic and uniqely accessbile magic of BollyFIt®. All of us are pumped up about their training journey as they prepare to share authentic culture, fitness, and mindfulness with world as they beocme Guides!  This Guide4Guides (G4G) Training Retreat included Guides2B from Ohio, Illinois, and even the United Kingdom! We are thrilled to welcome them to the BollyFit® family around the globe and empowering citizens of the world to illuminate from within.



The weekend included tons of dancing, leadership training, new friendships and plenty of fun.  Guides shared new moves during a model class during the weekend and most Guides2B even led real BollyFit® students in the Sunday morning Plymouth BollyFit® class.  It was so wonderful to see these ladies energized about BollyFit® and how ready they are to share that energy and positivity with their future students.  Thank you again to all attendees and we am so excited to support them in their certification and guiding journey so that the BollyFit® family can continue to serve the world!

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BollyFit® Dances with the Community!

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The rain did NOT bring us down at the recent 2013 Ann Arbor Active Against ALS Family Field Day!  This was such an amazing way to end out 2013 POP! Tour and support a great organization doing good for so many people.  BollyFit® Founder, Anuja Rajendra, and BollyFit® Guide, Sirisha, hosted an interactive dance workshop in the rain at Burns Park.  Seeing the smiling faces of all our participants makes our hearts happy and reminds us how great it can feel to kick off your shoes and dance!



“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”



Another EXCITING event we led was Davenport University’s Asian Indian Cultural Awareness Event.  The university put together a well-organized and superbly fun event that included a talk by BollyFit® Guide Guild Coordinator, Suman, and culminated in an interactive BollyFit® workshop.



Many thanks to these wonderful organizations for including us in their fabulous events!  We are thrilled to keep dancing and see what organization we will dance with next! 🙂

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BollyFit® Grooves with Multicultural Councils at the University of Michigan

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“BollyFit honestly was the best event in my Res Hall that we’ve had all year long. Anuja was amazing and so was Priya! My favorite part was the cool down part. I had a very big essay that was due later during that week and going to this session helped me remain calm and stress free as I wrote. Thank you BollyFit!”



–Simon, a Diversity Peer Educator at the University of Michigan



What a night we had with students living in the picturesque “Hill Dorms” at the University of Michigan! The women and men and some of their fellow student leaders came out to learn about cultural connections around the globe and groove with BollyFit® at a collaborative event hosted by the multicultural councils of the iconic dormatories. BollyFit® Founder Anuja and BollyFit® Guide Priya  gave a talk about the history and culture behind dance styles from India including classical and Bollywood, as well as sharing personal stories of the emergence of Indian dance and culture on campuses, chronicling the collosal growth from when Anuja was a student to the current levels of incredible interest across campuses. Then, Team BollyFit®  led an invigorating dance workshop that had everyone smiling, sweating, learning, meditating, relaxing…and then back to studying!



We are so happy to bring mindfulness and serenity to participants while also giving them an intense cardio workout.  Thank you to the multicultural councils for inviting us to be a part of such a special night!