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Promotion and marketing has undergone sizeable upgrades in the past two years.

Promotion and marketing has undergone sizeable upgrades in the past two years.

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To the modern whole world, the legislature’s desire for the income production will get most extraordinary aspect to consider.

To the modern whole world, the legislature’s desire for the income production will get most extraordinary aspect to consider.

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Originally published as a Blog post for MetroMode.  Spawning an “Intimate Movement”. Originally published here: 10/15/2009

The world is comprised of groups, cliques, and individual achievement.  Groups and cliques constantly vie for attention and individuals strive for accolaid and achievement. These actions are ego-driven, based on the premise that something or someone is better than the other.

Through the layers of every such drama twinkles a space built upon trust, comfort, support, and mutual success.  Enter the “Ego Free Zone”. In the Ego Free Zone (EFZ), the burden of one-upping another is lifted off shoulders, the scrutiny of physical form rendered irrelevant, and unity is completely uplifted by common ground. The EFZ is an environment where human beings feel safe, energetic, equal and light (both from the outer form layers lifted off them and from the illumination from deep within self). The EFZ unleashes energy within and around, creating kinetic results for individuals, organizations and communities.

BollyFit® founder and CEO, Anuja Rajendra, learned about the concept of being without ego from Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth, and came up with the term “Ego Free Zone” after a student, who also read Tolle, described BollyFit® classes as being “without ego”.

While Bollywood movies glamorize the unattainable, the aesthetic, and the young in a highly egocentric representation, the magnificent music and artistry in these movies weaves a thread of pure peace, love, and joy that exists within each of us. BollyFit® harnesses this idealism, the best of Bollywood, the fabric of the EFZ.

BollyFit®’s EFZ unravels knots; students sweat gracefully, laugh and learn together loudly. Choreography synthesizes music and dance styles while, in the sweat of the dancers, simmers a marvelous Michigan Magic – all ages and backgrounds connect and unleash energy beyond the confines of color or age of skin, transcending political, religious, and economic assertions.  Strangers sweat similarly.



Breaking The Matka

The following excerpts come from a Blog originally published on MetroMode. Spawning an “Intimate Movement”. 10/15/2009.


I’m choreographing and teaching a high energy BollyFit® dance class in which participants of all ages and backgrounds fill an imaginary matka (clay pot) with water, the essence of life. Then, each dancer breaks the matka over her head and is drenched.  On purpose and with joy.  The conscious choreography elicits physical and spiritual fitness.  Whether an individual or community situation, when a so-called matka, or comforting shell of reality as we know it, breaks, it’s so we can dance in the resulting rain.  As William Shakespeare wrote, “Nothing is good or bad, it’s thinking that makes it so.”  And a broken pot is less a loss of clay form and more a release of pent up life essence that twinkles and touches new opportunities.

My dear 27-year-old older sister, Rachana, was tragically killed in a car accident almost 12 years ago. Within 12 hours of the news, I left a dream corporate job with American Power Conversion in West Kingston, Rhode Island, where I was promoted three times in 18 months, to grieve the untimely loss. Anguished, I channeled grief into gratitude for time shared with Rachana. Acceptance of the reality that Rachana’s reason for form on earth was realized, helped foster my relief to be without regret about our interactions together. She always knew what she meant to me.

I decided to sprinkle Rachana’s energy across our hometown by moving back with my parents and starting a business in Rachana’s memory in Okemos, Michigan.  I cherished helping the community enjoy friends and family in a beautiful space that emanated Rachana’s effervescence.  This company, Moon-baked Creations, fulfilled its purpose, and it was great to be an entrepreneur and participate in the Michigan economy.  But as my passion for retail business waned, I struggled with the prospect of ‘leaving Rachana behind’ should I decide to move on personally and professionally.


I had an epiphany that Rachana’s energy flows beyond the confines of Moon-baked Creations and, two and a half years after starting the company, I sold the business to two Michigan sisters, married my dream man and, without ‘shelter within a matka,’ followed my new husband to grad school in Durham, North Carolina.

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