JUL 21

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[ANCHORING YOUR LIFE] In Your Relationships


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Hello BollyFitters®!


We are bringing another Anchoring Your Life video to you this week regarding anchoring yourself in your relationships. Anuja shares her experiences as well as her friends’ experiences in how she turned negative feelings into positivity by focusing on the immediate and closest relationships surrounding her.


Especially with the impact of social networking in todays’ relationships, you may find yourself floating among the statuses, photos, and comments online. Anuja gives some tips to help you grab a hold and anchor yourself so that you don’t lose touch or lose track of the people that matter to you. Not only does that shed positive karma and uplift your close ones, but it will also bring happiness to you.


People of all ages and backgrounds have felt the effect of distance and losing touch with their friends. Watch our latest Anchoring Your Life video to help anchor yourself in your relationships!


Go get ’em!