APR 16

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BollyFit® C3 Event with Healing and Education through the ARTs (HEART)

“HEART is interested to explore the intersection between art and health/wellness [with BollyFit®]. Dance is unique as an art form, having the potential to be physically demanding and emotionally expressive, and, as such, can be both physically/emotionally beneficial. It’s cultural and political force is also powerful.”

–Brian Krasnick, Member of HEART

We have enjoyed our latest C3 event at the University of Michigan with the student organization, Healing and Education through the ARTs (HEART).  HEART is comprised of many students devoted to using arts as a mode of healing.  BollyFit® Guide, Priya, led an invigorating dance workshop so that members of HEART could explore the healing of dance.  The dancers enjoyed the fun, fitness, and illumination brought to them through upbeat Indian tunes alongside an intense cardio workout.

Not only did BollyFit® serve as an exercise to these students, but as an art form that lets every individual express themselves through their own movements.  BollyFit® is the best thing that you can do for your mind, body, and soul and HEART’s idea that art can heal one’s body and mind is completely in line with BollyFit®’s goal of doing so.  We can’t wait to dance with these students again soon, and that we can all share the healing magic of BollyFit®!