JAN 14

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BollyFit® C3 Event with the Student Volunteers of Circle K

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“BollyFit has a great message and one that fits well with Circle K’s goal of being inclusive and open-minded about a multitude of backgrounds and beliefs.”



–Josh Kurtz, University of Michigan Circle K Club President



Last week, BollyFit® Guide Priya led a high-energy interactive culture and dance workshop with Circle K, one of the largest University of Michigan campus organizations as we continue BollyFit® outreach to educational institutions from Pre-K-12 as well as targeted programs for colleges and universities with the BollyFit® Campus Cultural Connections (C3).  Circle K is an international co-ed service organization that is sponsored by Kiwanis International.  Circle K clubs focus on three tenets which are service, fellowship, and leadership.  BollyFit® Guide Priya presented a talk on culture and the history of Bollywood dance and led a large group of undergraduates in BollyFitting to current tunes resulting in cultural connections, intense cardiovascular workout, and a feeling of peacefulness among all the attendees.



All of these students deserved this hour of relaxation and fun after all that they give back to our communities and we are happy that we were able to provide it for them.  We were so pleased to have such a diverse group of undergraduate students to enjoy the fun, fitness, and illumination of BollyFit® and we truly hope to dance with all of them again soon!



Promoting health & wellness to students all over is so rewarding and we love reaching out to share BollyFit® on many campuses.  Please contact info@bollyfit.com if you would like to schedule a BollyFit® Campus Cultural Connections (C3) event for your school or organization.