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The Making of BollyFit® at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival

Click here to watch the Behind the Scenes Making of our BollyFit® Retreat, Twilight, & Glo at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival that occurred just last week Wednesday, June 22nd! (Try and find yourself in the video!)


First and foremost, thank you to our BollyFitters® who helped put together these three amazing events, and thank you to all of YOU who came out and participated! Together, we made the events wildly successful and wildly fun, all while uplifting and positively impacting our community.


Whether you were able to participate in our events or not, here is a quick and fun recap of how we created memories and illuminated Ann Arbor!


Our first event of the day was the BollyFit® Retreat. For one hour, we worked with people to connect with nature, themselves, and each other. We started off with our Awakening Stretches and meditation to release the stress people carried with them from their work day. Then, we proceeded to teach a dandiya dance routine so that the public could join us in our Community Connection Flash Mob. People really got the hang of it and soon enough the crowd was chanting the directions along with Anuja, our Founder hosting the events!




Next, we had the BollyFit® Twilight where our BollyFitters® were able to showcase how their journey has transformed through BollyFit®. The BollyFitters® brought what they learned through our classes to Ingalls Mall to help put a smile on the crowd’s faces!




BollyFit® Glo capped off the magical evening with tea lights, glow in the dark dandiya sticks, and a disco light! We handed out tea lights and dandiya sticks to let the crowd join in on the fun. Those who came to the Retreat returned for Glo to participate in our Community Connection Flash Mob, and we ended the night with a fun dance party along with people of all ages!




We hope you had as much fun as we did during BollyFit® Retreat, Twilight, and Glo! Again, make sure you check out our full video here!