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[Anchoring Your Life] In Your Home

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The first video of our newest series, Anchoring Your Life, is out on our YouTube channel! In this video, Anuja focuses on anchoring yourself in your home. Because your home is the center of your space, learning how to immerse yourself in it is an important first step in finding fulfillment in your current state!


Anuja shares a personal story about her own home, and her experiences with how she anchored herself. Because of that, she was able to find relaxation and breathed a sigh of relief. She also shares a story about her colleague at BollyFit®, Summer, who anchored herself into her home, despite the fact that it would only be her home for 3 short months.


Hopefully this video helps to inspire you in finding ways to anchor yourself into your home. If it does, let us know in the comments section of the video!

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[NEW SERIES!] BollyFit® Anchoring Your Life


BollyFit® Founder Anuja Rajendra is introducing a new series to the BollyFit® Youtube! This series will talk about her tips on how to anchor your life. Being able to immerse yourself, and finding contentment with what you already have is important to leading a fulfilling life. Throughout this series, Anuja will help you anchor your life through effective tips she’s learned from her own life, as well as through friends, family, role models, and inspirational characters. She will touch on an array of topics such as how to anchor yourself in your home, friendships, and more.


We don’t want to give all the excitement away, so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel! Not only will we be releasing more Anchoring Your Life videos, but our YouTube will be a great variety of fun DIYs, recipes, tips, and more. You don’t want to miss out!


“Hymn for the Weekend” and Cultural Adaptations

Dear Friends,

Last week, the popular band Coldplay released a video “Hymn for the Weekend,” which was filmed in India and features Beyonce. Beyonce and Coldplay performed together at Super Bowl last night which will only raise the profile of this song.  

This production is yet another example of the East meets West phenomenon where mainstream Western culture consciously infuses Bollywood and Indian culture directly into mainstream media. “Hymn for the Weekend” is musically enjoyable, with a clean and crisp sound. Its vivid video has been inundated with mixed reviews – and we’ll leave that debate to the blogosphere!

From the recent film “Million Dollar Arm,” to the Oscar winning blockbuster “Slumdog Millionaire,” to the tween sensation The Cheetah Girls, to the crucially acclaimed Olympic-medal winning first “Indian Dance on Ice” I created for Meryl Davis and Charlie White with their coaches, this ode to India is yet another permeation of an ancient culture being adapted for modern musings. The ripples reach reality tv, fashion, and many more everyday aspects of western life.

We at BollyFit remain committed to our history of respecting traditions and passionate about embracing evolutions in everything we do as we continue to forge fusions of new and ancient, east and west. We’ll have our own multi-cultural, multi-age blend of dancing stars performing at a prime-time NBA game on Friday, March 18, as the Detroit Pistons take on the Sacramento Kings at the Palace of Auburn Hills!

We hope that you will be encouraged to participate or join us in this event that will be part of the ongoing celebration of the first “Indian Heritage Night” at the Palace, and feel energized by the magic of Bollywood and beyond.

xoxo Anuja


Which of Dr. King’s gems will you choose to adorn your life with? You decide.

MLK Day offers a “day off” in many of our professional and educational schedules. What will we fill this time vacuum with? Running errands? It’s tempting. Watching Dr. King’s speeches? Hmmn. Easy to do do via youtube. Expanding beyond the comfort of our to-do lists and participating in an event? Feels good, but do we have the time?

Whatever content we fill our day with, let’s plan to include reflection and expansion. Reflection on the definite importance and continuing relevance of Dr. King’s teachings to each of our lives today, regardless of our skin tone and hair type. And expansion of our own lives by adorning the causes we make (through thoughts, words, actions) with the hue of least one gem from the tremendous treasure chest of Dr. King’s calls to action.


My husband, children and I recently watched Dr. King’s “What is Your Life’s Blueprint” speech, which he delivered to middle school students, together. Though Dr. King’s audience was African American children, his message, if applied by all of us, will definitely create a better world for everyone – from the now grown children to whom he preached, to our own children, to each of us.


Some highlights of his message were:

  • Have a deep belief in your own dignity, worth, sombodiness; don’t let anyone make you feel you are a nobody; feel you have count, worth, and your life has ultimate significance.
  • Have determination to achieve excellence in various fields of endeavor.
  • Set out to do a good job and do the job so well, that the living, dead or unborn couldn’t do it better.


Take your pick from these jewels to adorn your robe of life with. None of these resonate with you? How about Dr. King’s call for a commitment to the eternal principles of beauty, love, and justice? Not doing it for you? Keep seeking, youtubing, attending, until something resonates. Pick that gem, hold it close, and weave it into the fabric of your being in the coming year. Feel yourself sparkle with the hope of this tremendous mentor to us all.


Last year on MLK Day, my children participated in a MLK Day Symposium on the campus of the University of Michigan, after which my husband and I took them to watch the movie Selma in the theater. It was a PG-13 rated movie, and my then nine and eight year old boys were the only children present. This year, we are all joining a huge throng of Michiganders in a MLK Peace Walk in the Detroit area. These are all wonderful events that touch us deeply. However, too often, we seem to watch and gloss over Dr. King’s material from a distance, not realizing he is still speaking to each of us today, long after he is gone, inspiring and imploring us to imbue our own lives with the benefit of his sermons.


Which of Dr. King’s teachings will you choose to adorn the flow of your life with this year? I’d love to hear from you, and be inspired by you. Please share.



xoxo Anuja