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Facing Future Challenges…Together

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Recently, I had the honor of emceeing the Second Annual Leadership Summit for the Asian Indian Women’s Association (AIWA) of Michigan.  After being a keynote speaker for the leadership summit in 2012, I happily joined these strong, inspiring and extremely positive thinking women from India, America and around the world to discuss something that hits home for everyone at some point in time.  These leading ladies organized a fantastic day where legislators, leaders from the public and private sectors and citizens discussed “Facing Future Challenges…Together”.  As many first generation Indian-Americans are aging, we are faced as a community with how to take action.  While not everyone is experiencing the related challenges right now, at some point we will all have loved ones who are growing old, as will we ourselves of course.  With the help of AIWA everyone at that event is now a little more prepared.  These issues affect everyone across the spectrum, regardless of ethnicity. For immigrant populations, the issues can be more challenging however, as the needs of the population – from food to friendship to family expectations – may differ.


One of the many topics covered at the summit hit home relating to Indian culture.  Traditionally most people of Indian descent prefer to live with family as they grow older, but it is important to know all of the options.  Will parents go into nursing homes, have health care aides visit them if they live in home, or will someone from the family become a part or full-time caregiver?  These questions may make us uneasy but I feel that preparation is key in all of life’s hard times.


Again, I’m very pleased with the summit again this year and I hope that it has drawn attention to the needs of our aging population.  In the meantime I wish you all the opportunity to swirl through life with as much health and happiness as possible!