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New Recipe: BollyFit® Dancing Green Beans

BollyFit® Dancing Green Beans Recipe

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Green Beans – 2 bags

Olive Oil – 2 tablespoons

Mustard Seeds – 1 tablespoon

Urad Dal – 1 tablespoon

Amchoor Powder – to taste

Salt – Optional, to taste

Chili Powder (Lal mirch) – Optional, to taste


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Wash and cut ends off green beans (phalliye). Chop green beans into small pieces. While cutting, heat olive oil in a large saucepan. Add one tablespoon of mustard seeds and one tablespoon of urad dal. When the urad dal browns and the mustard seeds begin to dance and make a cracking sound, add the green beans to the pan. Stir beans until they are coated by the olive oil mixture. Add amchoor powder, keeping in mind that it creates a tangy taste. Add salt. Increase heat to medium high and cover with a lid. Shake the pan or stir every few minutes while cooking, approximately 15 minutes. Cooking time will vary based upon how tender or crunchy you like your vegetables. Taste the beans, and then add more amchoor powder and salt according to your taste preferences. Also, if you’d like, add a kick of red chili powder (lal mirch) to spice up the recipe. Serve hot and enjoy!



Leftovers can also make tasty sandwich fillings!


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