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[NEW SERIES!] BollyFit® Anchoring Your Life


BollyFit® Founder Anuja Rajendra is introducing a new series to the BollyFit® Youtube! This series will talk about her tips on how to anchor your life. Being able to immerse yourself, and finding contentment with what you already have is important to leading a fulfilling life. Throughout this series, Anuja will help you anchor your life through effective tips she’s learned from her own life, as well as through friends, family, role models, and inspirational characters. She will touch on an array of topics such as how to anchor yourself in your home, friendships, and more.


We don’t want to give all the excitement away, so make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel! Not only will we be releasing more Anchoring Your Life videos, but our YouTube will be a great variety of fun DIYs, recipes, tips, and more. You don’t want to miss out!